6 Fall Tips to Prepare Your Home For Winter

Believe it or not, winter will be here before you know it and Fall is the perfect time to begin preparing  for a warm and cozy home before winter arrives.  Below is a checklist of things you should do before the holidays and you run out of time.

1) BUGS & RODENTS – As the weather cools down you won’t be the only one looking for a home for the winter!  Fall is the best time of year to spray spider, bug and rodent repellent in and around your home to keep those critters out!

2) WINDOWS – Go around your home and check each window to make sure they can open, shut, and seal securely.  On cool nights feel for drafts that may let heat out of your home so you can address them now before winter is here.

3) FURNACE – Now is a good time to change the filter on your furnace to help clean the air and remove dust that has been collecting all summer long.  Fall can also produce pollen and cause allergies to flair up.  Cleaning or changing the filter on your furnace can help reduce allergies so you can sleep at night.

4) CARPET CLEANING – Now that the kids are back in school and they are no longer bringing dirt into your home and making a big mess, Fall is the perfect time to get your carpets cleaned.  We recommend that all carpets should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months in order to keep your warranty valid and maintain a healthy living environment.   (LEARN MORE about our Carpet Cleaning Service at Harman Home Designs and get 10% off!)

5) ROOF & DOWNSPOUTS – It is important to inspect your roof each year to make sure there are no leaks and all vents and downspouts are clear of debris.  This is most important later in the Fall after the leaves have fallen.

6) PLUMBING – The last thing to check before winter arrives is your water valves that lead outside.  Be sure to turn them off at the water shut off value during the first sign of freezing temperatures to prevent your pipes from freezing, or you might end up with a flood in your basement and have to call us in to fix your basement!